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There are as many different types of roofs as there are materials to cover them, the important thing is that no matter what type of roof you have the proper steps and materials are used to build your roofing system.  We know most customers don’t care how the roof goes together as long as it doesn’t leak – but remember this one thing, your roof is a system and must be put together properly.

The information contained in this page is specific to “steep-slope” roofing systems (shingled roofs and the like), any other roofing system may or may not require the same.  This information is for educational purposes ONLY, at no time does this information replace that of a qualified professional.  Andes Contracting does NOT recommend working on or replacing your roof yourself.


Basic Roofing Definitions:



The Basics of Building a Roof System

A common misunderstanding in roofing is that the shingles (the part you can see) is the most important part; when in reality each part of the system is equally important.  Since you cannot see all of the components, this is where many contractors “cut corners” to offer cheap prices.  We not only strive to provide superior service, but also to install a premium roof; never cutting corners and using the right products for the right applications.